The Golf Trip History

IMG_5673The Golf Trip is the once a year June tradition where 16 or so guys from Vancouver take off Thursday to Sunday and squeeze in a whole bunch of rounds of golf somewhere in British Columbia into four days.

The Golf Trip as we know it now is run by a small group of guys that have been going year after year on the Golf Trip. But the trip started way back when in the 90s.  After years of varying participants through the 2000s and into the teens, the Golf Trip as we know it today began in 2012.  Golf Trip staples now are Lorne Wilson, Blake Johnston, Nathan Bellamy and Jamie Wahl.

We’ve added to the list of regulars over the years, but despite the good times, it’s always pulling teeth to get to the magic number of 16 golfers.

Old timey Golf Trips never included games or tourneys, but in recent years since 2011, we’ve try to include an overall weekend tournament.  In 2011 and 2012 we tried the classic Ryder Cup style game.  In 2011, it was a 8 vs 8 that was mathematically over after the third round!   A let down.  In 2012, the Golf Trip was 20 guys (10 v 10) that didn’t quite gel and the tournament ended in a tie.  A bloody tie.

Two attempts and two misses, which prompted a subtle Golf Trip in 2013 when only the 12 core guys went up to Crown Isle.  We played a simple game that was ultimately won by Jamie Wahl and Kevin Ma.

The 2013 Crown Isle experience brought new life to the Golf Trip.  Staying and playing at a home course was a hit.  Done were the days of staying in a flea bag motel along the highway and driving everywhere.

On the heels of the success of 2013, the Golf Trip returned to Crown Isle in 2014 (and again in 2015) with 16 guys and a brand new called the Animal House Tournament.

The Golf Trip was was originally scheduled for four rounds in four days.  Guys here and there would play back to back adding to it.  In 2011, nearly everyone agreed to a 2nd round (a 5th round) at Canoe Creek in a two man scramble format.  It was a in instant hit.  We played in a 8 some and I think we were the only players on the course.  It was the stuff of legends.  Blake J and Joe F took down the dough with a 3 under 69.  That single round added ensured that all Golf Trips going forward would include a 5th round (back to back on the Friday).

In 2013, with the ease of staying and playing at Crown Isle, it was decided on the fly to play back to back on the Saturday.  Adding a 6th round!  With the new stay and play program, it was decided a 6th round was now part of the Golf Trip.

With new life the Golf Trip core group has grown to include: Kishone, Kevin M, Jesse G, Scott H, Moose, Paul and Erik. True regulars.

The Golf Trip and the Animal House is now a late June tradition, featuring 6 rounds of golf in 4 days.

All Locations for the past Golf Trips that I have been involved with:

2003 – Kamloops, BC
2004 – Kamloops, BC
2005 – Osoyoos, BC
2006 – Osoyoos, BC
2007 – Kamloops, BC
2008 – Kamloops, BC
2009 – Kamloops, BC
2010 – Kamloops, BC
2011 – Salmon Arm, BC
2012 – Kelowna, BC
2013 – Crown Isle, Courtney, BC
2014 – Crown Isle, Courtney, BC
2015 – Crown Isle, Courtney, BC
2016 – Talking Rock, Chase, BC
2017 – Predator Ridge Golf Resort, Vernon ,BC
2018 – Crown Isle, Courtney, BC
2019 – Predator Ridge Golf Resort, Vernon ,BC

If you like golf and fun times, it’s the weekend of the year.