Have that Golf Trip Spirt

Kevin and I (and others) put a lot of unnecessary thought and effort into planning this trip.  We factor in playing partners, roomies, tee time logistics, games etc.  We do it because of the golf, the games, the stats and the boys.  It’s our favourite weekend of the year. But this energy doesn’t end with us, everyone has a job to contribute in their own way.  I want see that Golf Trip Spirit! For example, if your team is out of it, just remember there are a whole bunch of guys that are still in it and we’ll need your continued energy to make this fun! Think about your historical stats if you need motivation.

Show your energy, have fun, it trickles down throughout the trip.  Smile and pass it on!

This Isn’t Your Trip

This is a trip designed for 16-20 guys, not 1 or 2 or 3 guys.  Don’t make it all about you.  We get it, you want to play with your buddy and we’ll try to accommodate that, but be prepared to play with anyone or any skill.  Nothing chaps my ass more than guys complaining about their playing partners.  Be low maintenance.  There are scheduling concerns and other factors that you might not know about that makes things the way they are.

Temper Your Golfing Expectations

I am the last guy to say don’t take the golf so seriously. I get it.  Your good round or bad round isn’t making the Morning Drive.  We are all here to have fun and guys are spending good money and good time, let’s not let our bad rounds spoil the fun for an entire group.  Golf is hard and I’ve experienced guys short fuses leak into other parts of the trip.  C’mon Man!

A Myriad of Skills Levels

This trip is all about friends with a myriad of skill levels, none of which are good.  If you’re here for the best golf has to offer, you won’t find it.

Pick Your Own Tee Box

Guys are spending time and money on this trip. We aren’t all the same level, so you play whatever tee boxes you feel comfortable with.  Guys aren’t coming up there to break course records, they’re coming for fun.  I don’t care what anyone says, you do what you like.

First Right of Refusal

A Golf Trip tradition – if you went last year on the trip, you have first right of refusal to come back the year after.

Don’t Be That Thursday Guy

Don’t get wasted to the point of no return on Thursday night.  Like clockwork, guys go crazy on that Thursday night and the number of times I’ve seen Friday and Saturday rounds ruined is countless.  Play the long game here.  Think about all four days when you’re thinking about that next drink on Thursday.  Every damn year someone goes over-the-top and they can’t recover for the remainder of the trip!

Be on Time!

Be on time! Don’t be Lorne and Nathan ordering French toast two minutes before your tee time.  Come on…guys are counting on you.

Be Respectful

Be respectful of the game, your opponents and the golf course.  Don’t crash into concrete columns with your golf cart or cheer at the misfortunes of your opponents or play Justin Bieber during the real rounds of golf.

Four Day and Six Rounds

That’s a lot of time together with this many guys in close quarters. That’s enough friction to make even the moderate types agitated.  Remember that Golf Trip Spirt!


Don’t be afraid to post some pictures on Instagram with the #animalhousegolftrip – It is fun to look back with that hash tag.