Animal House Rules

IMG_4476The Animal House is the Golf Trip tournament (“GT”).  After failed attempts at making a cohesive format the trip, the Animal House came to us as an idea in 2014.  Instead of 2 teams squaring off, let’s make it 4 teams.  And they’ve been aptly named, The Bears, The Tigers, The Sharks and The Walruses.

What you’re about to read might sound complicated, trust me, it’s not.  You show up on the GT and play well, and you’ll rack up the points for your squad.

The game is simple, you’re on a team of 4 guys and in the 6 rounds you’re to embark you’re going to pile up the points byway of matches vs other teams, making birdies and winnings KPs.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Everyone throws in $60 ($50 for the Animal House tourney, $10 for the guess the number of birdies)
  • Four teams of four golfers based on handicaps. (Flights A, B, C, D)
  • The game is all about collecting points for your squad to hoist the Animal House championship and win the money.

We will determine handicaps prior to the action and put guys into classes of 4 (A, B, C, D).  In the first two Animal Houses names were drawn from a hat to determine the teams.  This could be tinkered in future GTs.

In the various rounds, teams will get into 2-somes and face off against other twosomes to collect points. We will have a pre-determined schedule. You’ll also rotate through your teammates so that effectively you are guaranteed to play with each of your teammates.

Typically we play 2 guys vs 2 guys in each round.  You play your own ball in 4 of the 6 rounds and then on the back to back rounds on Friday and Saturday, rounds of 2 man scramble and The Medley are played contributing to the Animal House points.

We are always tinkering, but here is the 2015 Animal House Program:

Teams will collect points from these things: Matches, KPs and birdies.

Round 1 – Thursday – Fairwinds
2 vs 2 CHICAGO – 4 pts per match
2 pts for the best Chicago score (individually)
2 pts for the best Chicago score (team).
Total points available: 20

Round 2 – Friday – Crown Isle
2 vs 2 TWO MAN BEST BALL MATCH PLAY (also known as 4 ball)
4 pts per match.
Total points available: 16

Round 3 – Friday – Crown Isle
Teams arrange their own two-somes as they see fit. Stack one team? Even them out? Then those two-somes will play another team’s two-some. Lowest score wins the match. 4 points will be awarded for the winner of each match, an additional 2 points for the best duo, and an additional 2 points for the best team score.

So there will be 4 matches (16 pts available), 2 pts for the best score (duo) & 2 pts for best score (team).
Total points available: 20.

Round 4 – Saturday – Storey Creek
2 vs 2 CHICAGO – 4 pts per match
2 pts for the best Chicago score (individually)
2 pts for the best Chicago score (team).
Total points available: 20

By now everyone will have played with everyone once on their team.

Round 5 – Saturday – Storey Creek
2 vs 2 THE MEDLEY – 4 pts per match
Additional 2 for the lowest pair
Additional 2 for the lowest team.
Total points available: 20 points

No bonus points for birdies in this round.

Round 6 – Sunday. – Crown Isle
The Golf Trip doesn’t start until the back nine on Sunday.

The gross scores from each golfer will be kept after each of the first 3 morning rounds. Round 1, 2 and 4.  Then the golfers will be ranked 1 to 16. From this list, the golfers will play heads up match play (no handicaps applied) with their nearest neighbour on the leader board. 1v 2, 3v4, 9v10..etc. Obviously teammates cannot play each other, which would require small changes to the matches. Each match will be worth 4 points. Therefore 8 matches x 4 points = 32 points on the line in the final round!

We’ll try our best to mix up the groups so you hopefully will play with everyone once on the trip.

During each round of 6 rounds there will be KPs available on the par 3s. Get a KP and your team gets a point. Simple as that.

During each of the four morning rounds (ie not the second round on Friday & Saturday) every time you get a legitimate birdie, your team gets a point. Simple as that.

And that’s how it works. This is a match heavy format with the majority of points awarded through match and a minor portion for individual achievements through KPs and birds.

Win matches, throw up some birds and win some KPs and your team will pile up the points.  Team with the most points win.