Animal House Games



Basically each golfer starts with a negative number based on their handicap. A scratch golfer would get a -39 score and it decreases as your handicap goes up. In the example of a 10 handicap, they’re starting point would be -29 and if you were a 20 handicap, your starting score would be -19.

As you play you add points to your score based your gross score as follows:

  • Eagle 8 pts
  • Birdie 4
  • Par 2
  • Bogey 1
  • Everything else 0

The idea is for guys to dig their way out of the score they started with. It won’t be easy because we’ve factored in our caps at the start. Getting back to zero is difficult, unless you have a career round like Nathan in 2014.  He shot a personal best 79.

You will play 2 vs 2 against another team’s 2-some. The winning pair in each match will be the team with the best score at the end combined and will collect 4 points for their team. So if that 10 capper and 20 capper were a team, they’re team’s starting point would be -48. Then together they would spend the next 18 holes chipping in to move that number as high as they can.

It’s basically stableford with modified points.  It’s simple and fun and the fact that handicaps are factored into the starting negative score you spend minutes on every hole figuring out the net scores etc.


A Golf Trip go to game. Everyone knows this game. Get into pairs and play another pair. It’s the pairing’s best net score vs the other pairing’s net score. We do this on a match play basis. The respective handicaps of the foursome are netted against the lowest capper of the four golfers. Pretty straight forward with the exception of the handicaps.


It doesn’t get any more fun than this round. Prepared to get hammered out there on the fairways of Crown Isle (or whatever course you’re playing) in this second of the Friday rounds. Team’s will arrange their own 2somes as they see fit (or not).

Two man scramble is exactly what you think it is. You’ll play another two-some. This is a stroke play event. Last year’s best score was +1. In 2013, two teams were -5 and in 2015, Blake and Nathan posted a -6 (a Golf Trip record at Crown Isle).


Played on the second round on Saturday.  This is similar to the two man scramble. Teams are arranged into duos.  Again this game is stroke, not match play.

First 6 holes: scramble format – easy
Middle 6 holes: best ball (no handicaps) – medium
Final 6 holes: alternate shot & alternating tee shots – hard

No matter how big a lead is those final 6 holes of alternate shot can change things in a hurry.


As pure as it gets: Straight up, no handicaps, match play.