Welcome to fromthewhites.com – This is a little site I thought I’d create just for fun. It’ll be a little bit about life and lot about random golf stuff. I love my golf and in recent years have really started to play a whole lot more. I started the game around 10 years old with my Dad and played until the end of high-school regularly. Sadly, after high-school, I thought I was too cool for golf and only played sporadically and eventually went traveling and into university where my game was basically non existent. After university and returning back to BC, I became a regular golfer.

Also, in this pointless blog, I’ll detail the happenings of our annual golf trip.

Anyway, that’s it. Hopefully we’ll have some discussions on great golf courses, even better golf course hot dogs and things that annoy me in life! Like, why should I feel like a schmuck for ordering water at a restaurant?


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