Golf Trip And Animal House Program 2019

It is middle May, it’s warm; it’s full on golf season.  So I think it’s time we get serious about this trip.


Please read this first.

The 2019 trip marks the 6th Animal House Tournament.  Here’s a recap from the previous tournaments:

Year 1 – Crown Isle:
We saw a controversial Sharks’ win with Jamie bailing on his team skipping that final day.

Year 2 – Crown Isle:
We saw the stacked Tiger squad (Jesse was miscast as B) take it down in a great comeback over the Bears – Moose shot a -1, 71 that year at Fairwinds.

Year 3 – Talking Rock:
We remember Jesse tossing his putter into the Tobiano fescue after losing the tournament on a 3 footer miss on 18 allowing the Bears to hoist.

Year 4 – Predator Ridge:
We saw a trip highlighted by the beauty of Predator and that year the Tigers returned to the podium hoisting and fending off the late day Sharks surge.

Year 5 – Crown Isle:
Year 5 it was back to Crown, the weather wasn’t as good, but we included a 4 man scramble that was an instant hit.  The Hawks jumped out of the gate and the Tigers faded fast.  The Bears and Sharks would tie at 64 when the dust settled, with the Bears winning on a tie break.

Year 6 – Predator Ridge:

A return to Predator is in store and the trip has been increased from 16 to 20 guys, the highest number of guys since the 2012 trip.

Here’s the Golf Trip Schedule:

When: June 20-23, 2019
Where: Predator Ridge Resort
June-20 Golf Trip Opener: Craft Beer Market on the patio in Kelowna 11am
June-20 Predator Course (Round 1) 3:05 PM
June-20 Dinner at the Pred Restaurant 8pm
June-21 Ridge Course (Round 2) 8:50 AM
June-21 Predator Course (Round 3) 3:35 PM
June-22 Predator Course (Round 4) 9:05 AM
June-22 Ridge Course (Round 5) 3:30 PM
June-23 Ridge Course (Round 6 & Championship rnd) 10:20 AM

Getting There:

People will sort themselves out on rides and what not.  But I want people to be at the Craft Beer Market at around 11am, so that means you would want to leave at 7am.  No ferries this year!


Cabin #1: Erik Vaartnou, Paul Crepeau, Kevin Ma, Scott Holt

Cabin #2: Andrew White, Andrew Dunn, Mustapha Faqeri, Mark Coultor

Cabin #3: Blake Johnston, Ashley Steier, Lorne Wilson, Nathan Bellamy

Cabin #4: Jesse Goldman, Steve Gotch, Jamie Wahl, Mike Quinn

Cabin #5: Jay Parley, Don Henry, Nelson Cook, Steven Dedrick

These cabins aren’t side by side, but I am told each of them have 4 beds.

Golf Trip Golf Rules

On the Golf Trip we have our modifications to the rules of golf, as follows:

  • Triples are your max score on any given hole. If you pick up, you get a triple.  If you don’t pick up, your max score on the scorecard is a triple.
  • If it within the leather, it’s a gimmie. It’s only a gimmie too, if you’re opponent gives it to you.
  • We play lateral on a lost ball. Say it’s into the trees and you can’t find it.  You will play that as a lateral.  However, do not confuse this OB territory.  If it’s OB (white staked) and you lose it clearly, it’s 3 off the tee.

The Animal House Tourney ($50 a guy):

There doesn’t need to be much explanation anymore, but here’s what you need to know:

  • The team with the most points….wins.
  • A professionally made scoreboard will be supplied.
  • Everyone throws in $60 ($50 for the Animal House tourney, $10 for the guess the number of birdies) and we pay up front. Payment details herein!
  • Four teams of four golfers per team.
  • New, there will be 5 teams this year.  This makes for a wonky schedule that will have to be hand curated.
  • The game is all about collecting points for your squad to hoist the Animal House championship and win the money.
  • In the various rounds, teams will get into 2-somes and face off against other 2-somes to collect points.
  • We’d love your input to improve if possible.  We’ll likely pretend to listen and then not change anything.


The points are the name of the game here folks.  You earn points by winning matches and earning bonus points.


The Matches:

In each of the various rounds there will be matches and each match win is worth 4 points.  That’s primary source of points for the Animal House Tourney.   Now with a 5th team, things become a little uneven.  If this seems like Greek for the new guys, it’ll make sense once you’re on the trip.  But basically you will be partnered up with each of your teams mates in the regular rounds.  The following is a rough break down the various matches on each of the 6 rounds on the trip.

  • Thursday – Round 1: 2 vs 2 in a game of Chicago. (Regular Round)
  • Friday – Round 2: 2 vs 2 in a game of Best Ball. (Regular Round)
  • Friday – Round 3: Two Man Scramble (Goofy Round)
  • Saturday – Round 4: 2 vs 2 in a game of 2-man combined net score match play. (Regular Round)
  • Saturday – Round 5: Four Man Team Scramble.  (Goofy Round)
  • Sunday – Round 6: Straight up 1 vs 1 match play (Championship round)

Note: We can change games up, but historically, this is what we have done.

Note on Goofy Rounds:  In the two man and four man scramble, there are no matches, only your score.   

In the 2 man scramble, the amount of points is your score related to par and you then minus off said score to determine the point awarded.  So if you’re -5, you minus a minus, that means you would add 5 points to your team.  However, if you were +2, you would minus that from your score.  So determining your team pairings for example in the two man scramble is very important.   In the 2 man scramble, there are no minimum drive rules.

When it comes to the 4 man scramble, it’s the same thing except each under par is worth 1.5 (rounding up – because we don’t want fractional points).   In 4man, each team member must get a minimum of 1 drive in per 6 holes.

Bonus points:

 Birds & Eagles:

  • Birds! Get a bird, get a point.  Simple as that. They’re massive in this.
  • Eagles! Get an eagle, get two points.  Rare, but massive points.
  • Birdie/eagle points only count in a Regular Round.


  • Each KP is 1 pt.  KPs apply to all 6 rounds of the golf trip, yes, even the goofy rounds.


Long Drives:

  • During each of the rounds, yes even the goofy rounds, there will be 4 LD per rounds available all on the same hole. One for each of the tiers.
  • This year there we will pick 1 hole and have all the LDs on that hole.
  • And it has to be the real fairway.

Hole Outs:

  • If you hole can it from a length to be determined length, think 20-25 feet and measuring tape to be provided, voila, you get a point. This includes chips, pitches, approaches, aces =) and of course long putts.  This also applies to the goofy rounds.

Together Match Points, Goofy Round points and Bonus Points are all added up towards your team’s points.

Animal House Summary:

 Round Day Game Points Available Total Points
1 Thursday Chicago 4 / match 20
2 Friday Four ball 4 / match 20
3 Friday Two Man Scramble n/a ??
4 Saturday Net Combined 4 / match 20
5 Saturday Four Man scramble n/a ??
6 Sunday 1 v 1 match play 4 / match 40
Total 100 + Goofy Round + Bonus Points

The team that with the most points at the end wins the championship. First tiebreaker will be to remove bonus points.


The captains will be Jamie ($90), Lorne ($91), Steve ($93), Kevin ($95), and Nathan ($95).  Each captain will have bidding dollars equal to their average golf trip scores.  Minimum bid for a guy is $1.  Jamie will start the bidding, then Lorne etc.

Individual Survivor ($400 or amount TBD)

New to this year, we will be doing an individual survivor tournament based on your net score for each of the Regular Rounds.

Round 1: All 20 guys participate.  The best 10 net scores (and ties) move on to Friday.

Round 2: From the remaining 10+, the best 5 net score (and ties) move on to Saturday.

Round 3: From the remaining 5+, the best 2 net scores move on to Sunday.  In the event of a tie, the tie break will be cumulative net score from Rounds 1-3 to determine the top 2 finalists.

Final Round: The final two guys square off in the same group, but again best net score wins.

Winners take home $800 or an amount TBD

Total Payment

The total for the trip and the gambling etc. comes to $1,200.  This is the $1,091 + $100 for prizes.  That does leave an extra $9.00 or so per person.  Portion of that goes to the scoreboard, engraving etc.  The remainder will just get tossed into the birdies or the survivor event or whatever miscellaneous costs that show up.

We have some other ideas that we might discuss with you guys, like a prizes for the aggregate team net score award.  So this isn’t totally finalized quite yet.


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