2019 Golf Trip Deets


GOLF TRIP 2019 – “A Tradition Unlike Any Other”
Details: Note:
When: June 20-23, 2019
Where: Predator Ridge Resort
Courses: Predator Course x 3, Ridge Course x3 1
Who: 20 guys 2
The Golf:
June-20 R1 Predator Course 3:05 PM $110 3
June-21 R2 Ridge Course 8:50 AM $163
June-21 R3 Predator Course 3:35 PM $104
June-22 R4 Predator Course 9:05 AM $152
June-22 R5 Ridge Course 3:30 PM $104 4
June-23 R6 Ridge Course 10:20 AM $163 5
The Accomodation:
June 20-23 5 Peregrine Cottages (sleeps 4 per) $295 6
Costs Per Golfer: (including taxes, carts)
Accommodation $295
Golf $796
Total $1,091 7


  1. A full stay and play at Predator Ridge Resort!!!  6 rounds…unbelievable experience!  The resort is packed to the gills that weekend with 4 or 5 other similar golf trips like ours. It’s full.
  2. All 16 guys from last year are confirmed returning.  A Golf Trip first!  We are going to 20 guys this year (return of the Walruses).  We are at 17 guys confirmed now: Blake, Dunner, Erik, Jamie, Jay, Jesse, Kevin, Lorne, Mark, Mike, Moose, Nathan, Nelson, Paul, Scott, Steve and Whitey.  We have Don (Jay’s +1) who says he’s in and we are waiting for his deposit.  Invites are also out to Kishone and Brian D for the final spots.  They’ve been given a deadline of March 8th or we’ll ask others.
  3. You’re probably wondering why we are teeing off so late on Thursday at 305pm.  The main reason is the rate.  They offer a twilight rate of $105 which starts at 4pm.  They’ve agreed to use that rate, but allow us to tee off at 3pm.  I  have since called back to see if we could move up our tee time to 1pm (albeit at a higher rate), but no dice.  It 100% full that day I have been told.  So it is what it is.
  4. Round 5….at the Ridge for the 4 man scramble??  Are you kidding me?  I’m drooling over here.
  5. And yes you did read that right, a final championship round at the Ridge Course!  No soggy Gallagher’s Canyon finish this time around.
  6. Bad news:  There is no availability at this time for two bedroom lodge suites.  Good news: The Cottages we have this year includes two rooms, with two twin beds.
  7. Yes, you did read that right….$1,091 for all of this.  We are making money on this transaction at that rate!  PS – I should be a golf trip organizer for a living.

Final comment.  We have to pay in advance.  They only charge one credit card, so we will be asking for more deposits and advances as we inch closer to June.  That way we can pay under one master account.

We are going to 5 teams this year….details will released later.

The Animal House awaits.

Bonus! I just read Golf Digest Weekly and they just released their Preseason Winter 2019 Golf Trip  Rankings:

  1. Moose
  2. Blake
  3. Holt
  4. Jesse
  5. Mark
  6. Nelson
  7. Erik
  8. Jamie
  9. Kevin (captain)
  10. Lorne (captain)
  11. Steve (captain)
  12. Jay ↓ (captain)
  13. Nathan (captain)
  14. Whitey
  15. Dunner
  16. Don ↓
  17. Paul
  18. Mike
  19. Ash

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