The 2018 Golf Trip Handicaps

It was once thought that the bulge and roll was the perfect design for a golf driver.  Then along came #TwistFace, using human data instead of a robot, and the design of drivers as we know it has changed forever.  Well, the RCGA handicap was once thought as the sole authority for handicapping players in a golf tournament…but that was for robots.  The Golf Trip is played by humans…humans with abnormal amounts of alcohol/foreign substances in their bodies, humans who are sleep deprived, humans who putt out 3 footers….and thus the creators of the Animal House Golf Trip have come up with a revolutionary concept known as The Golf Trip Handicap.

The Golf Trip Handicap, a carefully guarded formula, factors in current handicaps, previous scores from the trip, and some eyeballing.  Now, I can already hear the golf purists out there complaining that everyone uses the RCGA handicapping system and it shouldn’t be messed with.  Well, those people are sheep..and sheep get slaughtered.  The Golf Trip Handicap is designed for estimating actual scores on the trip (relative to each other) rather than determining your potential.  It’s a radical new idea, like being 40 years old and bringing a hand crafted scoreboard to a restaurant with zero shame and 100% pride…radical new ideas are a good thing.

Anyways, without further ado, here are the official The Golf Trip Handicaps for 2018:

Scott H 8
Moose 9
Blake J 10
Jesse G 10
Nelson 13
Lorne W 15
Mark C 15
Jamie W 16
Steve D 18
Kevin M 20
Nathan B 20
Erik V 22
Dunner 25
Paul C 27
Mike Q 27
Whitey 30

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