Animal House Program 2018

“The Animal House Golf Trip…a tradition unlike any other”

Oh baby, it’s that time of the year again.  It’s May and the build up to the Golf Trip has begun!  This marks the 5th Anniversary of the Animal House Tourney.

  • Year 1 we saw a controversial Sharks win with Jamie bailing on his team skipping that final day.
  • Year 2 saw the stacked Tiger squad take it down in a great comeback over the Bears – Moose shot a -1, 71 that year at Fairwinds.
  • Year 3 was the Talking Rock year, Jesse tossing his putter into the Tobiano fescue after losing the tournament on a 3 footer miss on 18 allowing the Bears to hoist.
  • Year 4 the Tiger returned to the podium hoisting and fending off the late day Sharks surge.
  • Now in Year 5 we are heading back ‘home’ to Crown Isle for another chapter.

Crown won’t wow you (even though it’s great), but the location, the accommodation and prices are top shelf.  Storey Creek is a top 5 course in BC in my opinion.  Expect to see deer roaming those fairways and Morningstar is a solid track and most importantly it’s not Fairwinds!

Here’s the Golf Trip schedule:

When: June 21-24, 2018
Where: Crown Isle
Courses: Morningstar, Crown Isle, Storey Creek
The Golf:
Round: Course Date Rough Times
1 Morningstar Jun-21 1pm
2 Crown Isle Jun-22 9am
3 Crown Isle Jun-22 3pm
4 Storey Creek Jun-23 836am
5 Storey Creek Jun-23 2pm
6 Crown Isle Jun-24 1130am

Getting There: For most of us we will need to take the ferry over to Nanaimo.  The first tee time is at 1pm.  I always suggest getting there with a lot of time to spare.  Eating, warming up, general Golf Trip pre-amble stuff. I don’t have the ferry schedule in front of me, but we will settle on a ferry shortly early in the am and then start the trip on there! Think 8am.

On the way home, we tee off at 1130am Sunday (by design).  We don’t want guys rushing through that last round.  So we’d be taking a late ferry home.

Rooms and Roomies: I was unable to get the townhouse units like we have had in year’s past.  Those townhouse units slept 4 and were great because we were loud.  Instead they have given us this thing called ‘connection combos’, which really means two rooms with a door between them.  Room 1 is, I think, a King bed and a pull out and Room 2 is two queen beds.  So guys will be duos or 4 somes, depending on what you want to do. I’ll follow up again with them but I am pretty sure this is right.

Here’s what I am thinking in terms of roomies (it’s only a draft and perhaps we can change once we form some teams):

Moose Mark C
Erik V Paul C
Nathan B Mike Q
Blake J Kevin M
Jesse G Nelson C
Andrew D Andrew W
Scott H Jamie W
Lorne W Steve D

To be determined.

Amenity room:  I need some input on this from you guys.  Crown has this “Cabin in the Woods’ they call  it, or more aptly, cabin in the parking lot, but this is an amenity building that groups rent for stag etc.  We can rent this out for $100+taxes per night for Thursday and Friday nights (not available on Saturday…I heard there’s a stagette that night…jk).  Here we can be loud and not worry about our neighbours.  I think it’s good, but I’d want everyone to kick in the on this.  A whopping $7 a guy.  Let me know what your thoughts are?

Shuttle to Storey Creek: Another option available to us is a shuttle to Storey Creek.  I believe this is like $150 each way and it would transport us up there early (first tee time is 830am) and drive us home.  Basically $20 a head and they do all the driving and we don’t need to worry about drinking and driving or designated drivers.  I know some guys like Paul and Erik do their own thing and maybe some others too.  Thoughts? I think it’s a 45 min drive.

The Core Golf Trip Rules:

  1. This is everyone’s golf trip, not yours. This isn’t the ­­“­­______ Trip.”  Everyone has to contribute to have a fun trip.  I’ve seen some guy’s actions ruin the fun for someone else.
  2. A lot of work goes into organizing this, probably too much, so don’t be that guy that moans about the small things. Be liquid, roll with the punches.  Leave the high maintenance at home.
  3. I am the last guy to say don’t take the golf so seriously. I know.  Your bad round or good round isn’t making the TSN highlight package.  We are all there to have fun and guys are spending good money and good time, let’s not let our bad rounds spoil the fun for an entire group.  See also #1.
  4. If your team is out of it, just remember there are a whole bunch of guys that are still in it and we’ll need your continued energy to make this fun! Think about your historical Golf Trip stats if you need motivation.
  5. Pick your own tee box.  Guys are spending time and money on this trip. We aren’t all the same level, so you play whatever tee boxes you feel comfortable with.  Guys aren’t coming up there to break course records, they’re coming for fun.  I don’t care what anyone says, you do what you like.
  6. Don’t be that Thursday guy. Don’t get wasted to the point of no return on Thursday night.  Like clockwork, guys go crazy on that Thursday night and the number of times I’ve seen Friday and Saturday rounds ruined is countless.  Play the long game here.  Think about all four days when you’re thinking about that next drink on Thursday.
  7. Be on time! Actually the past couple years everyone has been awesome, but don’t be Lorne and Nathan ordering French toast 2 minutes before your tee time.  Come on…guys are counting on you.
  8. I never heard it, but no Justin Bieber playing when you’re golfing. In other words, no music in the real rounds.  Maybe in the goofy rounds if you’re group desires.
  9. We are spending 4 days, 6 rounds together…there will be some friction. We all don’t have the same personality.  Keep that in mind!
  10. Don’t be afraid to post some pictures on Instagram with the #animalhousegolftrip – It’s fun to look back with that hash tag.
  11. Finally have fun. Everyone has a job to contribute in their own way.  I wanna see that Golf Trip Spirit! Showing your energy, having fun, it trickles down throughout the trip.  Smile and pass it on!

The Participants:

  • Andrew D: His first golf trip appearance after a few invites over the years.  Loves golf & straight brimmed hats.
  • Andrew W: Partnered with Dunner, Andrew White picked up the game last year and can’t put it down.  He’s a keener.
  • Blake J: The Sharks capt loves organizing stuff, nerding out to stats & the spaghetti & meatballs at the Timber lodge.
  • Erik V: A golf trip regular, last year’s MVP & Sandbagger champ on a controversial pick up par at Gallagher’s Canyon.
  • Jamie W: A GT institution, this man that golfs right, putts left and nearly got in a fight with the Crown Isle waitress in 2014.
  • Jesse G: The Tigers capt has hoisted twice. Owns the records for the lowest score at Crown Isle – 77 in 2015.
  • Kevin M: The co-chair of the trip, Kevin has been both a D and C on the trip and has his eyes set on that B status.
  • Lorne W: Lorne is the link from the old time days to modern golf trip era.  He also smashed up a golf cart in 2014.
  • Mark C: Making his third golf trip appearance, Mark fly’s out from Windsor, Ontario for this trip. What a stud.
  • Mike Q: Mike will be the first D to bring his blades on the golf trip.
  • Moose: Shot a 71, hoisted in 2016 & regularly shoots in the 70s on this trip, but got new clubs and now sucks.
  • Nathan B: The golf trip skitso can swing from the 80s to the 100s.  He shot a personal best 79 at Morningstar in 2014.
  • Nelson C: There’s still a buzz with the news of Nelson’s return to the golf trip – his last in 2012!  Can he match the hype?
  • Paul C: You might see Paul snapping clubs over his knee or arguing about the cost of a glass of wine.  A GT regular.
  • Scott H: The Hawks capt makes his 4th straight app. and is eyeing up his first championship with his stellar play of late.
  • Steve D: His 3rd appearance, he played superb last year nearly winning the bagger’s crown with a mismatched cap.

The Animal House Tourney:

There doesn’t need to be much explanation anymore, but here’s what you need to know:

  • The team with the most points….wins.
  • A professionally made scoreboard will be supplied.
  • This is the 5thrunning of the current Animal House format and is more or less the same as previous years with some minor tweaks and adjustments.
  • Everyone throws in $60 ($50 for the Animal House tourney, $10 for the guess the number of birdies) and we pay up front.  Actually most of you have paid up from in that $300 deposit.
  • Four teams of four golfers per team.
  • The game is all about collecting points for your squad to hoist the Animal House championship and win the money.
  • In the various rounds, teams will get into 2-somes and face off against other 2-somes to collect points.
  • We’d love your input to improve if possible.  We’ll likely pretend to listen and then not change anything.


The points are the name of the game here folks.  You earn points by winning matches and earning bonus points.

The Matches:

In each of the various rounds there will be matches and each match win is worth 4 points.  That’s primary source of points for the Animal House Tourney.  The following is a break down the various matches on each of the 6 rounds on the trip.  If this seems like greek for the news guys, it’ll make sense once you’re on the trip.

  • Thursday – Round 1: A/D vs A/D and BC vs BC in a game of Chicago.
  • Friday – Round 2: A/B vs A/B and C/D vs C/D in a game of Best Ball.
  • Friday – Round 3: Goofy Round #1 – Medley or Alternate shot.  Parings TBD.
  • Saturday – Round 4: A/C vs A/C and B/D vs B/D in a game of 2-man combined net score match play.
  • Saturday – Round 5: Goofy Round #2 – Two Man Scramble.  Pairings TBD.
  • Sunday – Round 6: Championship round.  Straight up 1 vs 1 match play.

 Bonus points:

 Birds & Eagles:

  • Birds! Get a bird, get a point.  Simple as that. They’re massive in this.
  • Eagles! Get an eagle, get two points.  Rare, but massive points.
  • D Birds! If you’re categorized a D golfer, your birdie, eagle points are doubled!   D birds are rare.
  • Birdie/eagle points only count in non goofy rounds.


  • Each KP is 1 pt.  KPs apply to all 6 rounds of the golf trip, yes, even the goofy rounds.

New: Long Drives:

  • During each of the rounds, yes even the goofy rounds, there will be 4 LD per rounds available. One for each of the tiers.
  • To win the LD it’s the longest tee show on that respective hole on the fairway. And it has to be the real fairway.

New: Hole Outs:

  • If you hole can it from a length to be determined length, think 20-25 feet and measuring tape to be provided, voila, you get a point. This is chips, pitches, approaches and of course putts.

Together match points and bonus points are all added up towards your team’s points. Historically, bonus point have contributed 36% to the overall points and matches 64%.  With long drives and holes out points now coming in, the bonus points will increase.

Animal House Summary:

 Round Day Game Points Available Total Points
1 Thursday Chicago
AD vs AD
BC vs BC
4 / match 16
2 Friday Four ball
AB vs AB
CD vs CD
4 / match 16
3 Friday Medley or alternate shot
4 / match 16
4 Saturday Net Combined
AC vs AC
BD vs BD
4 / match 16
5 Saturday Two man scramble
4 / match 16
6 Sunday 1 v 1 match play 4 / match 32
Total 112

The team that with the most points at the end wins the championship. First tiebreaker will be to remove bonus points.


Each of the captains, Scott (Hawks), Moose (Bears), Blake (Sharks) and Jesse (Tigers) will be given a $100 to auction for their team.  All the other players will be available for auction with no tiers set at this point.  The order of the auction, I think, will be Jesse, Blake, Moose and Scott – depending on caps.  Minimum bid for a guy is $1.

For example, Jesse will act first and will put a guy for bid up with an opening bid.  Blake will then have to outbid or pass, if you pass you’re out of the auction.  The order is important in this format as at the end multiple captains will have the same amount of money available for their last teammate.  Keep that in mind!

After the auction and based on handicaps, teams will rank guys A, B, C and D.

Captains must look into all factors when bidding.  Golfers ability to win matches, shoot low scores and rack up the bonus points.

If the teams look ridiculous unfair it will be reset and done again.  What we don’t want is a guy to win the auction and make the trip totally unfair.  This isn’t fantasy sports, we are actually the ones playing and paying for this trip!  Gotta make sure it’s all kosher.

Once we have the teams formed, a schedule will be created surrounding these teams.


So before we can start the auction, I want everyone to give me their current handicaps if you have a proper one…

That’s it…there’s so much more, but let’s get this going.

PS – See Golf Trip Rule #1!

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