The 2018 Format Discussion

We’re a mere four months out from the Golf Trip, returning to Crown Isle after a two year hiatus.  We have run the Animal House tournament for four years now, and, there are some thoughts that it is time for a change, just to shake it up a bit.  So, we have a few proposals for people to peruse.  Exact details have yet to be ironed out, but, you can get the gist of it. These ideas are basically the old format (which is great ) in four man teams to teams in duos of two man teams. Let’s take a look.

Option #1 – Animal House Tournament

Don’t change anything.  The upside to this is the historical stats, the general craziness of birdies/KPs, and all teams in theory have a shot all the way to the last day.  The downside is that it takes a calculator after the final round to determine the winner rather than a clean, exciting finish.

Now for the options for pairs….

Option #2 – Pairs Tournament

We would split the golfers into 2 groups, Tier A and Tier B.  We then get into pairs on the ferry and we draw for pairs, one being from the top half of golfers, the other being from the bottom half, creating 8 teams or pairs.

The 8 pairs would then be split into 2 conferences of 4.  The first 3 rounds would be a round robin within your conference.  The pairings are then seeded, and a bracket tournament would start where the winners of one conference play the 4th seed of the other etc.  Round 5 would be the semis, round 6 the finals.

The upside to this is a nice easy to follow tournament with a playoff bracket to follow and a very clean winner on the final day…hopefully for an epic finish with the gallery rocking.  Also, more money as it is only split 2 ways.

The downside is continually playing with the same partner and no easy way to integrate birdies and KPs etc and pairs are gradually knocked out rendering the final rounds meaningless towards the tournament. Min 4 rounds would count tho.

Option #3 – Hybrid Of Option 1 and 2

Similar to Option 2, we create 8 pairings on the ferry (screw your flying idea Nathan).

The first 2 rounds, you do not play with your partner.  Instead, they would be singles matches against someone in your tier.  You then collect Animal House style points for winning, birdies, and KPs.  After the 2 rounds, the pairings are seeded based on their Animal House points.

A bracket is then set-up for rounds 3-5 where the top team plays the bottom team etc.  If you lose, you continue to play it out for Animal House points.  In round 5, there will be a small final, with the winner going to the Grand Final on Sunday.  In the Grand Final the winner of the small final will face off against the team with the highest Animal House points.

The upside to this is that we keep some of the Animal House craziness while getting a clean winner on Sunday and incorporate a playoff style pairs tournament.  We also play with different people in the first 2 rounds (not with your partner like in Option 2)

The downside is that only 4 people are playing for something Sunday…but usually in the Animal House tournament at least 4 guys are already out and most people are physically/mentally out of it so it becomes a leisurely round for those not in the finals.

Couple other notable comments :

– In any format, the 2nd rounds of each day are the designated goofy rounds including the legendary 2 man scramble. This means that in option three alternate shot would determine a seat in the Grand Finals. Delicious !

– also under any option we would still continue to track KPs, birdies and other stats for historical purposes


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