2017 Golf Trip Roomies

It’s the post you’ve been eagerly waiting for!  With Jamie confirmed in, here is how the rooming situation will work.  And keep in mind, there are 3 cottages and 2 lodge rooms.  The lodge is set near the clubhouse and the pork belly restaurant and the cottages are a 5 min walk away..but more quiet and exclusive.

Lodge Units (there’s 2 of them – 2 people each)

  • Blake & Kevin
  • Paul & Erik

Cottages (there’s 3 of them housing 4 people each).  They include two rooms, one with a king or queen, the other room with two twins and a pull out on the couch)

  • Scott, Regan, Jesse, Kishone
  • Lorne, Jay, Moose, Mark
  • Nathan, Stav, Steve, Jamie

There’s a hot tub etc here, so bring your trunks! There’s also a barby area too…that’s of course you’re sick of the pork bellies. lol Fuck, that makes me laugh.

Three weeks today we’ll be balls deep in this trip!


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