2017 Golf Trip Program

It just wouldn’t be the Golf Trip without some last-minute roster shuffling.  I was all ready to mention how we were going to 20 guys, but not to be.  16 guys it is…and I think that’s the magic number is for the Animal House anyway.

Here’s a recap of the guys coming on the trip with their expected rankings.  This is subject to change:

A Mustapha Faqeri Scott Holt Blake Johnston Jesse Goldman
B Jamie Wahl Lorne Wilson Kishone Roy Mark Coultor
C Reagan Mulligan Nathan Bellamy Jay Parley Kevin Ma
D Steven Dedrick Stavros Triant… Erik Vaartnou Paul Crepeau

Now that we are set at 16, it’s time to set the stage for the draft and the trip.


When: June 22-25, 2017
Where: Predator Ridge Golf Resort

The Golf:
Round 1 – The Rise –  June 22 @ 2pm
Round 2 – The Ridge – June 23 @ 9am
Round 3 – The Predator – June 23 @ 4pm
Round 4 – The Predator – June 24 @ 9am
Round 5 – The Ridge – June 24 @ 4pm
Round 6 – Gallagher’s Canyon – June 25 @ 11am

Costs: (include taxes & carts per guy)
Accommodation: +$347
Golf: +$713
Total: +$1,060

First Round is at 2 pm, so let’s aim to get to the Rise between 11am-12pm.  We can have lunch together and it gives us some time for introductions, guessing birdies, and just generally getting further amped for what lies ahead. Rides are TBD.

These are still to be determined.  We have booked 3 cottages (accommodates four people) and lodge rooms that accommodate 3 people per unit.  Let me get back to you on this.


  • Bears (Captained by Moose)
  • Tigers (Captained by Jesse)
  • Walruses (Captained by Holt)
  • Sharks (Captained by Blake)


Players will be grouped into 4 tiers – A, B, C, and D based on their handicaps. Handicaps will be based on the players factor if he has one as well as a general eyeball from the group. Handicaps will be agreed upon by the group prior to selecting teams.  The eye ball is key tho, this trip includes birds, scrambles and isn’t just low score wins.  The tier A players are the captains for the draft.  Once we determine the order, it will go snake style.

Each Captain will selection someone from each tier so that everyone has an A, B, C and D on their team.  So, it’ll be a strategic draft. Don’t fret if you’re picked last, it’s just for fun.  And remember there’s 6 rounds with your teammates, including the Medley and the Two Man Scramble.


The next step will be to determine handicaps for everyone.  A few have already trickled in but we will need everyone’s before we set the teams, particularly for the relative unknowns on the trip who don’t have a ton of history to go off of.  More on this soon….

Once the caps are set, we will draft the teams shortly thereafter.  The schedule will be created before the trip and the final details of the Animal House Golf Trip will be hammered down including which games are being played and any changes to the scoring system.


  • The Golf Trip is fun and let’s make sure we keep it that way.  I am the last guy to say don’t take it so seriously and don’t get upset on the course.  We are all there to have fun and guys are spending good money and good time, let’s not let our bad rounds spoil the fun for an entire group.
  • Further, I know the chances of all teams being tied for the lead on Sunday is slim, so if your team is out of it, just remember there are a whole bunch of guys that are still in it and we’ll need your continued energy!
  • Pick your own tee box.  Guys are paying good money and time and we aren’t all the same level.  You play whatever tee boxes you feel comfortable with.  Guys aren’t coming up there to break course records, they’re coming for fun.  I don’t care what anyone says, you do what you like.
  • Don’t get wasted to the point of no return on Thursday night. I can’t stress this enough!  Like clock work, guys go mental on that Thursday night ruin the back to back Friday rounds. And this year that back to back is at Predator.  And trust me, you don’t want that ruined, it could be the best course you’ve ever played.
  • The Golf Trip schedule:  Since we are picking teams well in advance, we’ll have a set schedule.  Stayed tuned after we pick the teams for a detailed sked and full layout of the games.
  • In making the schedule we will have an eye on who’s playing with who, friends..etc.  For example Paul and Erik are both in Tier D (different teams then), we’ll make sure they face off in the Medley or Two-man Scramble.  Everyone, unfortunately won’t play with everyone, but we’ll make damn sure we try our best to almost everyone.
  • If you have a request on a match or whatever after we pick teams, I’d love to hear it.  I am open to whatever.  This is meant to be fun so if we can accommodate a certain match, game on.
  • No complaining about your partners, or matches up. That kind of negativity isn’t cool.
  • This is rain or shine, boys! Obviously if it’s stupid weather, then maybe we cancel, but generally the show goes on!  Last year’s Medley at Salmon Arm was grueling but it worked out.  This is history we are talking about here.

We’ve learned a lot about the trip over years.  Last year was pretty solid, but this year we will be teeing off earlier on the Friday and Saturday days of the trip to ensure we can squeeze in a comfortable lunch and finish that second round not in the dark.

If you have any other thoughts or comments, we wanna hear it.  Like I said, guys are shelling out some resources here, so let’s have fun.  I know from the past, this is the best weekend of the year.


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