2017 Golf Trip Handicaps

So Kevin and I have hashed out the handicaps, the tiering and some other stuff today at lunch.

(1) First the handicaps:

You have to keep in mind a lot of the guys on this trip don’t play regular golf to have a handicap worth anything.  So we’ve cobbled together these caps based on actual legitimate caps from the seasoned golfers, we’ve looked at past data on the trip and then eye balled a few things we thought weren’t consistent with how we thought guys lined up.

Caps are used for everything in this tournament as you know and new to this year we will be including a net score leader board.  Basically your score minus your cap.

So here are the caps:

Tier A – Your Captains

  • Moose (8) –  Moose is a 7 something cap and applied to a course would likely be an 8.  He’s won back to back gross on this and has beaten out 2nd place by 5 shots.
  • Holt (10) – Moose is better than Holt and this cap reflects that.  Plus Holt is an 8.6 cap and that translates likely to a 10 cap.
  • Jesse (10) – While is a 9.4 cap and that might be an 11 cap, he’s basically the same as Holt.  There’s not much difference here.
  • Blake (10) – Blake is a 8.8 cap, that translates to a 10ish cap.  See commentary under Jesse and Holt for more.

Tier B

  • Jamie (14) – Jamie is typically a 14 on this trip and historically 3-4 strokes different than Holt or Blake.
  • Lorne (14) – Jamie and Lorne on this trip are peas in a pod.  Like Jamie, Lorne is historically a 13 or 14 on the trip and its evidenced in his average score compared to the As.
  • Mark (15) – Mark is a 14.7 cap, applying that to a course would roughly means 15.  He’s right in there with a Lorne or a Jamie.
  • Kishone (16) – He’s similar to everyone in this group and infact finished 5th last year in gross when he was a C.  He’s for sure a B and we’ve given him a 16 as he hasn’t played virtually at all this year.

Tier C

  • Reagan (16) – We are leaning on Holt’s expertise here.
  • Nathan (18) – Historically, Nathan has been 15 or 17 on this trip, but his scores are wildly up and down.  His avg score over par is 22.9.  All things considered, he’s not Reagan, but he has shown the ability to break 90.  So here’ s 18.
  • Steve (20) – Steve’s data is limited.  His average score over par in 2014 was 21.8 and he didn’t break 90.   Assuming he’s in for a 92, a 20 cap would equate to a 72.
  • Kevin (20) – The final C is Kevin.  He isn’t as seasoned as Steve, but he good upside as he’s playing more and throw the birds down.

Tier D

  • Jay (20) – Like Steve and Kevin, but someone had be a D.  Plus in the 2015 trip Kevin beat out Jay for score, breaking that deadlock.
  • Stav (22) – Stav’s 119 in 2015 still lives infamy. He turned it around after that, however.  Stav has the game, like many of the Cs and Jay to break 90.  I’ve seen it first hand.
  • Erik (24) – Went with his cap from last year.  Erik was the Sharks MVP.
  • Paul (26) – Paul has always been a few shots above Erik and this year is no different.
  • UPDATE: Stav and Erik have swapped caps.

Here they are again:

Golfer Cap
Moose 8
Holt 10
Blake 10
Jesse 10
Lorne 14
Jamie 14
Mark 15
Kishone 16
Reagan 16
Nathan 18
Jay 20
Steve 20
Kevin 20
Erik 22
Stav 24
Paul 26

If you have any concerns or changes, let us know.

(2) Tiering

OK so you’ve now got the tiers A-D and the explanation regarding that.

(3) C and D Merging for the Draft

For draft purposes, we are proposing that C and D duos be drafted together.  The duos would look like the following:

  • Kevin & Erik
  • Reagan & Paul
  • Steve & Jay
  • Nathan & Stav

The reason why?  Well, putting these duos together makes for a two round snake draft, rather than 3 rounds and the benefit is, the 3rd round (like last year) isn’t a draft at all, it’s just guys getting defaulted due to tier limitations.  Further, by grouping these duos, it works better for logistics.  We’ve taken into account roommates stats (Nathan and Stav) and kept in mind like minded people for the C/D two man scramble.

By doing this, we believe it smooths out the experience for them and everyone.

(4) The Draft

So the draft will be two rounds long, instead of 2 rounds and a default around like last year.  Hardly a loss.

So the captains of

Jesse, Blake, Holt and Moose

will pick from

these 8 items

  • Jamie
  • Lorne
  • Mark
  • Kishone
  • Kevin & Erik
  • Reagan & Paul
  • Nathan & Stav
  • Steve & Jay

Let me know what your thoughts are on all of this!  We thinking considering all the factors, it’s the way to go.


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