Golf Trip 2017 Update

Hi Everyone,

Like any Golf Trip, we have experienced some movement in the roster.  Unfortunately, a number of guys for personal and work reasons have to bow out of this year’s trip.

Five guys in total are now out on the trip, which reduces the number of guys from 20 to 15.  We are currently awaiting the confirming on 1 guy to get us back to 16.  I believe due to time and man power, we will be sticking to our usual 16 guys.  And in many respects, 16 is a much more seamless nuumber to manage for our trip.

Here are the following 15 guy on the trip.  If there’s anyone else that might have to bail, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!!!  It’s important that we have 16 guys on.

  1. Blake Johnston
  2. Lorne Wilson
  3. Nathan Bellamy
  4. Jamie Wahl
  5. Paul Crepeau
  6. Erik Vaartnou
  7. Kishone Roy
  8. Kevin Ma
  9. Scott Holt
  10. Jesse Goldman
  11. Mustapha Faqeri
  12. Jay Parley
  13. Mark Coulter
  14. Steve Dedrick 
  15. Reagan Mulligan
  16. TBD


Please advise if there are any more changes.




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