Golf Trip 2017 Roster

The roster is finally set for this year’s trip! We are going to 20 participants which means there will be 4 teams of 5 players. There can’t be 5 teams since that would mean 5 As or 5 Bs the matches would be goofy.

Unlike other years where we had to twist arms to get guys to commit, this year there was overflow of guys wanting in. And going to 24 guys won’t work either. The logistics of playing two rounds with that many doesn’t work. So I feel bad since not everyone who wanted in got in. I’ve never been in this position before to turn guys away.

In event, here’s the 20 man roster:

  1. Blake Johnston – Of course I’m coming! My 17th trip all time and never missed a Golf Trip yet!
  2. Lorne Wilson – The man behind it all. He’s been coming year 20+ years.  He doesn’t play anymore golf but he likes the Golf Trip.
  3. Nathan Bellamy – A golf tripper institution on his 11th trip now.  Would be 12 if not for that Cancun vacation in 2007 in June. Cancun in June. That’s a good use of money.
  4. Jamie Wahl – A golf trip classic. He’s been around 2006 and never missed a trip. I heard he’s still trying to regain his balance from the big push last year!
  5. Paul Crepeau – A golf tripper since 2009. He deserves a medal for putting up with our nonsense.
  6. Erik Vaartnou – Never trust a man with two consecutive “a”s in their last name.  He was last years MVP for group D.
  7. Brad Bryce – That guy you don’t know in the whatsapp group that talks a lot…that’s Brad. He’s back from a two year hiatus from the trip.
  8. Kishone Roy – Also known as Tony, he’s back again for his 6th trip. Last years C MVP and moving himself up into the B group in 2017.
  9. Kevin Ma – A Co-organizer of the trip, and last year’s first overall draft pick opened with a birdie on the first hole, but did little after that. He was a Alexander Daigle like 1st overall pick.  This will be his 7th trip.
  10. Scott Holt ­– The captain of the Walruses is back again for his 4th Golf Trip. Holt’s first Golf Trip was in 2009, but he only returned in 2015.  Now he’s a regular.
  11. Jesse Goldman – Jesse is still looking for his putter in the feskew (sp?) after a back nine melt down at Tobiano. He’s back and ready for revenge and this marks his 4th straight trip.
  12. Mustapha Faqeri – Last year’s winning captain and low gross champion (back to back) is back once again to try to win it all. This will be his 3rd straight trip.
  13. Jay Parley – He missed last year, but he’s back again. The man that crashed into Joe’s car in 2014 has only ever known Crown Isle on this trip.
  14. Mark Coulter – All the way from Windsor once again, Mark makes his second appearance on the trip. Last year’s former champ won’t be able to rely on Moose this year as there are no more ‘Moose on my team’ guarantees.
  15. Doug Edmundson – The man that saved last year’s trip at the 11th hour and last year’s champ as a member of the Bears is back.  This time he’s brought some company!
  16. Byron Glassco – His lime light as the 2016 trip saviour was short lived until Doug upstaged him. Byron is back again and is on the path to becoming a Golf Trip fixture.
  17. Steve Dedrick – This marks Steve’s second Golf Trip with his first back in 2014. It’s time for Steve to become a regular Golf Tripper.

Those are it for guys that have been on the trip before.  Regrets to Tony Frew and Rory from last year who couldn’t make it this year.

Now the final 3 guys are new to the trip:

  1. Len Edmundson – Yep you guessed it, Doug’s dad.
  2. Gord Edmundson – And to round out the Edmundson clan, we have Doug’s bro.    The Edmundson + Byron make a nice tidy foursome I would say.
  3. Reagan Mulligan – Finally, the man rounding out the 20 is a guy with a great golf last name. He’s Holt’s buddy and there’s rumours of a B golfer on our hands.

There you go!  It’s golf season now!


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