2017 Golf Trip Deets


Well we are finally doing it! The Predator trip!  June 22-25, 2017.  I’ve signed up boys, so the die is cast!  Don’t let me down.  Here are the details:

Golf Trip 2017
When: June 22-25, 2017
Where: Predator Ridge Resort
Courses: Predator x 2, The Rise, Gallagher’s Canyon
Who: 16 to 20 guys
The Golf:
Round 1 – The Rise June 22 @ 2pm
Round 2 – The Ridge June 23 @ 9am
Round 3 – The Predator June 23 @ 4pm
Round 4 – The Predator June 24 @ 9am
Round 5 – The Ridge June 24 @ 4pm
Round 6 – Gallagher’s Canyon June 25 @11am
Costs Per Guy: (including taxes, carts)
Accommodation $327
Golf $713
Total $1,040


  • It’s not the deal we got at Crown or even Talking Rock, but gotta pay to play.
  • It’s back to the 3rd week in June as usual.
  • Everyone needs to send me $200 for a deposit (since Kevin and I had to prepay portions of this trip).  So no better way to say ‘I’m in!’than a $200 deposit.
  • The trip is booked for 20 guys right now, but we can reduce this to 16 if we can’t get the numbers.
  • Don’t let me down!!!!

The Animal House awaits.



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