Animal House Draft Recap

With the juices flowing fresh off the draft, Kevin Ma went to work recapping the first ever Golf Trip draft. 

Team Tigers

Of all the teams, this one may have the biggest chip on their collective shoulders. Their first pick, Kevin Ma, was demoted to a D despite finishing 7th in gross score in last year’s Animal House Tournament and is the all time leader in match wins and 2nd overall in total points. Their next pick was the default pick of Scott Holt, who is only the lowest handicap of all Tier B players and will be in contention for low gross. After that, another default pick of Tony Roy, who just so happens to be a former single digit handicap and chipping savant. Oh yea, did I mention that the captain, Jesse Goldman, was deemed to be the worst captain despite being the only person in Animal House history to shoot 2 scores in the 70s?

Biggest Question: Can the Tigers channel these perceived slights into points on the board and victory on Sunday?

Intriguing Partnership: Tony Roy and Scott Holt will be teamed together again to defend their Medley title. The roars from the holed out alternate shot eagle last year still echo among the trees of Storey Creek.


Team Sharks

Bombs away! This team features a great collection of ball strikers, and easily have the two longest hitters in this event. Despite coming off a torn ACL, Captain Blake Johnston looks to make an AP like return and continue to push his all time points lead. After thinking about taking Scott Holt, Captain Johnston decided to listen to the gallery and took the most consistent Tier C golfer in Rory. Despite Scott Holt sliding down the list, the Sharks decided to pass on him and took the enigmatic Lorne Wilson. The guy doesn’t play golf, but can roll out of bed and win the low gross (like in 2014). Rumours of a 340 yard drive at a Saturday scramble was said to play a big role in the decision. Finally, the team was rounded out with the selection of Erik, a solid ball striker in his own right.

Biggest Question: Can the Sharks convert their ball striking into low scores once on the green? Drive for the show, putt for the….

Intriguing Partnership: While it’s not set in stone, a 2 man scramble team of Blake Johnston and Lorne Wilson will result in many drives 30 yards past their opponents…the question will be if it’s 30 yards past them up the gut…or to the right.


Team Bears

The only team with two newcomers to the trip, this will be the hardest team to predict. Captain Moose thought we should re-name a team after him after his blistering 71 last year, the lowest by far on the Animal House Golf Trip. Next was the default pick of Mark Coulter, flying in from Ontario to take part in this tournament. Mark’s a member of a golf club….so expectations will be high. Next was Lord Byron Nelson. Captain Moose has seen him swing once and absolutely fell in love with the way he take the club back and can get it on plain. Finally, Paul rounds out the group. Despite not being the biggest hitter, both physically and the distance of his drives, Paul has been a points machine including 4 birdies and the first and only eagle in possibly forever on this trip.

Biggest Question: With a relatively obscure team, how will they perform compared to their guesstimated abilities?

Intriguing Partnership: Moose and Byron will be playing together on the 3rd day at Talking Rock. It’ll be the first time a player brings a swing coach to his match.


Team Walruses

The Walruses have arguably the two best putters in this tournament, which could bode well for racking up birdies and cashing in on some juicy points. Captain Aaron Johnson, a newcomer on the trip did not hesitate when he made Jamie Wahl his first pick. Jamie Wahl is a terrific putter…but that only has value if he can putt with the same ball he teed off with. Next up was Nathan Bellamy, a solid Tier C golfer who does own one of 5 rounds in the 70s over the past 2 years. Combined, Jamie and Nathan will add much needed experience for their rookie captain. The final pick in the draft was Tony Frew, aka Tony White. He is the lone returning member of the Walruses and will look to improve on his play from his first trip last year. Tony had a Frew too many last year.

Biggest Question: Nobody doubts this is a great putting team…but will they need a map to find the green?

Bonus Question: Will the curse of the Walrus continue?

Intriguing Partnership: The potential Aaron-Jamie combo for the 2 man scramble would be the best putting duo in tournament history. Any ball inside 10 feet may be a gimme for these two


There you have it…the teams fort he 2016 Animal House Tournament!




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