2016 Golf Trip Details


Here is the program for the 2016 Golf Trip. After three years of Crown Isle we’ve decided to move back to the mainland and will be going to Talking Rock Golf Resort this year in Chase, BC. (near Kamloops).

Here it is:

Golf Trip 2016
When: June 9-12
Where: Talking Rock Golf Resort
Courses: Talking Rock, Salmon Arm, Tobiano
The Golf:
Round 1 – Talking Rock June 9 @ 230pm
Round 2 – Salmon Arm June 10 @ 10am
Round 3 – Salmon Arm June 10 @ 420pm
Round 4 – Talking Rock June 11 @ 10am
Round 5 – Talking Rock June 11 @ 430pm
Round 6 – Tobiano June 12 @ 10am
Costs: (include taxes & carts per guy)
Accommodation $264
Golf $450
Total $714

This includes carts and taxes. Smoking deal! For comparison purposes, last year’s Crown Isle trip was $654.

The dates this year have been moved up to June 9-12 as Lorne’s wife is preggers in July. It should be noted that we used to do the golf trip in the middle 2000s on this weekend. I know because June 9 is my birthday.

We’ve learned from all of our trips about what makes this fun and last year we had some trouble not having enough time between rounds. So we’ve spread that out a bit.

So far we have 16 guys that have said they are in…as we move closer to May we’ll find out if anyone is no the fence.

The Animal House awaits.


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