Golf Trip 2014 Program

Who:                      16 guys – Blake J, Lorne W, Bob W, Kevin M, Erik V, Paul C, Brad B, Jay P, Brian J, Steve D, Jamie W, Joe F, Nathan B, David L, Jesse G, Brian D


Location:              Crown Isle – Courtenay, BC


Getting there:        830am Thursday ferry out of Horseshoe Bay! Everyone is on that eating Whitespot at the same time! Make sure you’re on it.


Then 520pm from Departure Bay back home on Sunday.  We’ll recap the events of the past four days.


Rounds:                 All rounds include taxes & carts – All paid at the courses.
Rnd 1: Thursday – Morningstar 1pm – $73.55
Rnd 2: Friday – Storey Creek 830am – $83.00
Rnd 3: Friday – Crown Isle 330pm – $60.00
Rnd 4: Saturday – Crown Isle 10am – $90.30
Rnd 5: Saturday – Crown Isle 320pm – $48.30
Rnd 6: Sunday – Glacier Greens 9am – $77.70


Accommod.:        Approximately $185 per person for three nights


~Total Costs:        $620 (or $560 without that 6th round)


Tournament:        Folks we’re doing a game.  We can’t have a golf trip and not have a game.  This might sound complicated, trust me, it’s not. Just play well and you’ll do well.


OK, everyone throws in $50 and we randomly split guys into 4 groups of 4 based on handicap.  This year is all about collecting points for your squad to win the money.


We will determine handicaps on the ferry and put guys into classes of 4 (A, B, C, D) and then draw out the teams so each team has a guy from each group.  Some guys have trouble with determining their handicap.  On the ferry we will negotiate a cap for everyone.  To give you an indication my handicap is done via RCGA and it’s a 6.3 factor (basically an 8 handicap) and my average score this year on 13 rounds is 81.5.  So it just isn’t your average score minus 72.


Once we draw out the names we will have 4 teams of 4 guys.  And this tournament is all about collecting points for your team…team with the highest points splits the prize money and hoists the annual GOLF TRIP CUP!  Jamie and Kevin are still reveling in last year’s championship.


Points:                    Teams will collect points from these things:

  • Each round teams collect points for winning their match..etc. More to follow;
  • Bonus Points:
    1. 1 point for each KP that your team members accumulate (four KPs per round);
    2. 1 point for each birdie your team members accumulate;
    3. 3 points for each eagle your team members accumulate; (I doubt we see this in play)

Round 1:               THURSDAY – MORNINGSTAR 1PM


In this opening round we are going to play a game called CHICAGO.   Basically each golfer starts with a negative number based on their handicap.  A scratch golfer would get a -39 score and it decreases as your handicap goes up.  In my example (8 cap) my starting score would be -31 and if you were a 20 handicap, your starting score would be -19.  As you play you add points to your score based your gross score as follows:

  • Eagle 8 pts
  • Birdie 4
  • Par 2
  • Bogey 1

The idea is for guys to dig their way out of the score they started with.  It won’t be easy because we’ve factored in our caps at the start.


In this round, teams will pick their partners, but will have randomly drawn opponents.  You will play 2 vs 2.  The winning pair in each match will be the team with the best score at the end combined and will collect 2 points for their team.  In addition, the golfer with the highest score (out of all of us) will bring their team 2 points and team with the aggregate highest score will bring their team 2 points.


So there will be 4 matches (8 pts available), 2 pts for the best Chicago score (golfer) & 2 pts for best Chicago score (team).  Total points available: 12.


Jay P is likely not available for this round.  So we will give him a score of 0, but his partner will still take on another pair.


Round 2:               FRIDAY – STOREY CREEK 830AM


This course is awesome.  And an awesome course deserves an awesome game, like two man best ball match play – a golf trip tradition.  Teams will once again get their teams into two partners and then we will randomly drawn opponents.  This is simple.  You work off the lowest capper in the foursome to determine strokes and go from there.  There will be four matches each worth 3 points for your squad if you win, 1.5 points each if there’s a tie.   Total points available: 12.


Remember you can always collect bonus points along the way adding to your team’s points.


Round 3:               FRIDAY – CROWN ISLE 330PM


Two man scramble time!  Again teams will get into groups and strategize on their pairs.  We can randomly draw the pairs again, but if guys are jonesing to face someone in particular we can make that work too.  The major point is you play with someone on your team.  Just like Round 1, you get two points for beating your opponent, 2 points for the lowest duo and 2 points for the lowest team aggregate.


So there will be 4 matches (8 pts available), 2 pts for the best score (duo) & 2 pts for best score (team).  Total points available: 12.


No bonus points in this round.


Round 4:               SATURDAY – CROWN ISLE 10AM


Now it’s time to play Crown Isle for real.  By now there will be one guy you haven’t played with in your group.  Time to make that guy your partner in this two man stroke total match play.  Each hole you add up your total score (net) and compare it to your opponent.  Play off the groups lowest cap in determining strokes.  It’s a match play too.  Opponents again will be randomly drawn.  There will be four matches each worth 3 points for your squad if you win, 1.5 points each if there’s a tie.   Total points available: 12.


Round 5:               SATURDAY – CROWN ISLE 320PM


Open round.  Guys can do whatever they want.  But if there is interest we could do a four man scramble for some side bets or even within the groups for more points!


Final Round:        Sunday – Glacier Greens 9am – The Golf Trip doesn’t start until the back nine on Sunday.


Let me start by saying Jamie W won’t be available for this round.   OK for this round we’ll keep track of the previous three rounds (1, 2, 3) and have the gross scores for each golfer totaled.  We’ll see a list from 1-16.  Golfers will play against their closest competitor.  So golfers 1, 2 will face off, 3, 4…5 and 6..etc.  But not from the same team of course.  Players will play stroke play, match play no handicap, just straight up.  After three rounds, we’ll have a nice tidy list.   Each match will worth 4 points for a total of 28 points available.


The one issues is the guy that’s meant  to play Jamie will be out of luck.  So that person will be the lone solider and will either play Jamie’s average score or Lorne said he’d be that man (since he always seems to end up facing Jamie anyway)  We can talk about some other ideas up there.


Summary:             Round    Course             Game                           Points Available

1              Morningstar    Chicago                       2 / match, 2 / highest golfer, 2 / highest team       = 12

2              Storey Creek   two man, best ball     3 / match                                                                       = 12

3              Crown Isle       two man scramble     2 / match, 2 / lowest duo, 2 / lowest team              = 12

4              Crown Isle       two man stroke          3 / match                                                                       = 12

5              Glacier             1v1 stroke (straight)  4 / match                                                                       = 28

Total                                                                                                                                                     76  points


Bonus Points:

Birdies                                                                                                                                                              = 1

KPs                                                                                                                                                                   = 1





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