Jan 1 Golfity

Continuing the tradition to 2012, myself, Tony Roy and Kevin Ma all got out for a round on January 1st again.

We booked a tee time at a more expensive course in the area, Morgan Creek.  Known for being a good course, in unreal shape.  They brag about their drainage.  Anyway, time was booked and day of we find out they’re all on temp greens.  OK no thanks, we aren’t shelling out $40 to play temps.

Thinking we’d have our pick of the litter at any course at any time (being the winter), but we soon found out that wasn’t the case.  Was this January 1st or August 1st?  Frantically, we found a time at Riverway.  And they were using regular greens.  Great.

I’d say given the time of the year, I thought the drainage was solid.  It wasn’t raining, just foggy and cold.  The greens were spongy, but we were  just happy to be able to putt on them..given how many others places were using temporary greens.

The day was good fun and by the end of the round, it wasn’t the darkness that would stop us from seeing, but the heavy fog that would roll in…

Until next year Jan 1st!






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