My 2012 Golf Season Look Back

Well, it’s December tomorrow and I haven’t golf in two months.  Mostly because of the weather (I don’t golf in the winter, I play hockey), but partially because I had a new baby two months too!  That’s been awesome.

So needless to say, my 2012 golf season was over at the end of September.  Pretty standard for me.  It was an up and down season for me personally.  I’d say for the first 75% of the season it was meh, but the last quarter was some of the best golf I’ve played…ever really.  I’ve always got a goal to never shoot in the 90s or higher.  I think I had a run from all of 2010 and half of 2011 where I didn’t shoot over 89…period.

I remember not playing well in a round during that time (so my chances at a score in the 70s was out the window), but I’d always be motivated to stick with it to ensure a score in the 80s.  But this season, however, featured 3 scores in the 90s, of which two were at McLeery.  So don’t play McLeery in 2013.

A lot of the stuff that worked for me in 2010 and 2011, I kinda lost in my swing.  I couldn’t figure it out again.  Pushing every last iron, from three to wedge.   So I started exaggerating certain parts to fix it and it only sent my game further into the toilet.  In fact, I skipped a couple of weekends in the middle of the summer this year I simply didn’t play because I was frustrated.

However, in August I made two changes my swing and on the whole it really helped (and hurt some rounds) lower my scores.  I started going to a ferris wheel type arch to my iron play and with my driver, supination of my left wrist.

For starters, I was simply slicing the crap out of it off the tee (unlike 2010 which was a draw) which lead me to stumble across this video: – Now, I didn’t do exactly as that video states (mostly because it’s bloody hard), but I made an conscience effort to think about my left wrist at the top of my swing.  I starting wiring the ball and getting a lot of my distance back that I kinda threw away in 2011 and 2012 when I wanted to slow my swing down (never slow your swing down!)

The other change was with my iron work.  There was no youtube video here.  I just fooled around with the arch of my swing and really starting coming up higher with the club.  And it worked.  It worked so much that I’d dream about this arch that when I’d play that next around, the arch would turn into something else and I’d ruining my round thinking about it.  I starting to go the other way in a sense that I’d arch too much and I’d shank the ball.

That said, though the combo of these two changes lead to some nice scores down the stretch, which included a personal best at Riverway of 76 (which should been 75 – I found the lone tree on 18 and had to chip out) and a couple other scores in the 70s.

Probably my best round of the year off the tee was a 78 at Surrey, where every drive was 300+ and hit like it was on a frozen rope.  Every time I would hover over the ball, I just had so much confidence.  Best tee to green round of the year…bar none.  Too bad I had 35 putts to go along with it!  Ouch!  I’ll take a 78 like that over a 77 with good putting any day of the week.

So sprinkle in those rounds in the 70s and some other low 80s rounds my final handicap at year end was 7.4.  My previous best was around 7.6 in 2010.  So, after a meh season, that’s a good way to end it.  Too bad I’ll forget all the swing tricks and tips by March.

The highlight of the season, tho, was my 78 at Tobiano in June.  This was my round of the season. Tobiano I’ve played a number of times and my previous best was 80 or 81.  It’s easily harder than any course I play in the Lowermainland.  No doubts about it. I ended up playing with a guy named Curtis Sloan, who’s the father of Roger Sloan.  Roger is on the Canadian Tour.  Roger wasn’t there, but here I was playing with his dad, who’s used to playing with awesome golfers.  So I was really sweating this round.  My Dad couldn’t make the round as he had to attend some strata meeting in his Tobiano strata.  So it’s Curtis and I teeing off early morning.

So just the two of us.  Two fast golfers that know the ins and outs of the game.  I felt like I really had to pull my socks up.  Happy to report, I delivered.  The front 9 is the hard of the two nines and I managed a 1 over 37.  It included 6 pars, 2 bogeys and 1 birdie.  I was lights out off the tee.  Imagine that, great off the tee and I had a great round. Things that make you go mmmmm.

I was so focused and it really came together.  At the time I was a 12 cap (11 index) and was playing over my head.  To shoot that +1 on that nine, I was starting to think about the 70s.  Bad news, I bogeyed 10 and 11 to put me back in my place.  But I gathered it together again and pared the next 5 of 6, which brought me to the 18th +4.  I stood over my favourite hole on the course (the 18th) knowing I had the 70s in the bag. I need a par for a 76, but really I didn’t care what 70 score I had so long as it was in the 70s.  So I took a double on the final hole. Haha

When I play with quality golfers, I seem to play better.  It was really great.  The next day I played it again with my dad (who is awesome and much better than me too) and shot a 93.  I was already playing with the house’s money at that point, so I didn’t care.

So another year in the books.  Wasn’t my best, but I’m excited knowing I finished well and I hope my muscle memory can revert to those good vibes I had down the stretch in August and September.

And I just had a baby…that’s gotta be worth a 72, eh?

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