FTW Review of Surrey Golf Course

You’re probably thinking “Surrey? Yikes”. But this is one of my all time favs. You’ll be hard pressed to find better value in Vancouver’s Lowermainland.

What it has going for it:

1 – first off its easy to get a tee time. Not because it’s not busy, because it is. I more mean you can call them up and book. You don’t need a visa to do it or set your alarm clock for midnight 5 days before. It’s ol school. Which is awesome.

2 – it’s a long course. I like longer courses where you can’t hit your 3-iron on every hole and get away with it. This makes you hit your 1 wood but at the same time it’s open enough to allow you to make mistakes.

3 – its condition. It doesn’t have the views some courses have but it’s always in solid shape. Especially the greens.

4 – no goofy holes. There are no holes you’ll walk away thinking they’re dumb. There are no blind shots. Solid holes with solid lengths.

5 – the best part it’s only $65! With taxes. Good luck finding a similar course that’s 65 all in.

Maybe the only “weak” thing about the course are the lack of views or “amazing” holes. It doesn’t have a hole that will blow you away.

It’s a solid test of golf. Long holes, playable track, solid shape for a solid price. It’s no wonder it’s one of the best values on the FTW Matrix.

And the topper is they sell a good dog. Great hotdog to bun ratio and all te toppings.



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