FTW Review of Northlands in North Vancouver

On the surface Northlands will leave golfers loving this course. Great views of the North Shore Mountains, the odd decent hole and a quality club house.

But if you’ve golfed it more than once you know this track should be left to the billy goats.

I’m not going to mince words: I hate those course. Here’s why:

1) blind shots are on almost every hole. The second is a goofy dog leg. If you hi your ball to the 150 stick you can’t see the green. Really? If its not blinds shots of that variety, there greens you can’t see because they’re uphill when you’re a 100 yards out. Or you’re forced to use a proped up mirror to see if the group ahead of you is gone so you can hit. Booo

2) Its always wet. Those great views come from the mountains which see their fair share of rain. Even more than Vancouver. August is probably the only time it won’t be wet.

3) It’s expensive. You’re looking at over $85 with a cart here and you’ll need a cart. That or you’ll be climbing on every hole. We played last week and because we were a 3 some my friend had to drive a cart alone. They charge half a cart to the guy plus an extra $4 because he was a solo. Lol 4 bucks? Seriously? $86 wasn’t enough, gotta get that $4 in there? Hurting enough.

5) Too many goof ball holes. This ties into the blind shots point. But there’s lot of weak holes including a poor 18th hole.

Save your time. It’s over priced and wet. But on the positive side, they sell smokies at the turn!


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