FTW Review of McLeery Golf Course, Vancouver

Five and a half hours.  That’s how long of a round we had a McLeery in Vancouver about a month ago.

Located in South Vancouver it’s the second best of the City owned course, behind Fraserview. And McLeery is no question a quality track. Especially for the price. Great location, decent condition and some great holes. Hole 10 is one of the hardest in the Lowermainland. 440 yard uphill, par 4. In fact the first 3 holes on the back are one of the toughest stretches around.

All good right? Well no. Problem is, because it’s really good value, it’s really popular. Our experience turned into a marathon affair over 5 and half hours. Ouch. When you’re waiting in every hole you lose enjoyment of the game and start to play poorly. Every shot waiting.

I spoke with a young guy who worked there and he said it was a group of players who bet heavily on the games and take their time and aren’t good at golf. Conclusion if you’re not teeing off at like 7am, you’re in for a log grueling

It’s great on everything but since they pack in the slashers it’ll always be a slow round here.

Best to grab an early tee time!



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