Hazelmere Golf Course

I was raised a 15 min drive from Hazelmere golf club in South Surrey and had never played the course up until last year. And last weekend I played it twice back to back making a total of three rounds played all time.

Overall I’d give the course a 5.5 out of 10. It’s in decent shape given the time of the year. Basically all dry in the fairways, greens were in good shape. The rough was extremely wet with plugged balls galore. That’s expected this time of the year tho.

As far as the layout goes. That’s where I think the course disappoints. The front nine is littered with short par fours. I didn’t hit my driver until the 9th hole. And we play the blue tees. Short isn’t to say it is easy tho, there’s lots of different ways to lose your ball here.

Plus, there’s two back to back par 3s on the front nine. Weak.

The 9th is a great hole. Then the 10th is easily the hardest hole on the course. It’s 420 yard par 4 with a narrow green with water and trees and a tough tee shot. A real contrast to the holes on the front 9.

Once you leave the great 11th hole it’s a boring next bit with the holes either easy or plain boring.

The par 3 17th is a good hole, but the course finishs with a right angle par 4, which you can’t hit more than 220 off the tee or you’ll be in the drink. Boo! Let me hit my 1 wood on the last hole.

Like I said overall it’s an5.5 out of 10. Worth playing, but maybe only once or if you can’t find a time elsewhere.  It’s a plan B track.

Altho, at $54 with taxes, it’s a decent deal.

On the hotdog front. It was a solid dog, with a good dog to bun ratio and it had some decent toppings. I’d give that a 7.5 out of 10.



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