Recording my Handicap Dilemma

I hope everyone has kick started their golf season.  I know I got mine underway mid March.  I even played as a single last week after my buddy bailed on me with a 6am text message!  Thanks.  And I had the round of my life going +2 after 14 holes…too bad I have to count the final 4 holes…proceeded to shoot a 78.  A 76 was there for the taking…it just got to my head.

Anyway, I’ve got this dilemma on my hands here.  I’ve splurged and got the Golf Shot app for the iPhone.  Primarily for the stat tracking and score keeping functions and on a secondary basis for the GPS function.  The GPS function is decent, but sometimes takes a while to load and I’m left standing there looking at my iPhone while guys are waiting…weak.  But overall, solid purchase…

OK so back to my dilemma.  I’ve kept my handicap on the RCGA website for the past 6 seasons.  It’s official there, they have all the new handicap rules..etc and they don’t count your winter rounds like other places.  But now that I have this Golf Shot (which also keeps track of your cap), do I need to shell out the $45 for the RCGA account, which for all intensive purposes is only good because it gives you an ‘official’ cap and has the update to date rules. decisions, decisions.

It’s too bad Golf Shot doesn’t incorporate the same level of detail when counting the handicap, otherwise this would be a no brainer.

The one good thing about the RCGA besides from the handicap purposes is, it has all my historical data for the past 6 that stuff.

I’m guessing I’ll just get it anyway and put the decision off until next season!

Can’t wait to get out this weekend..hopefully with some good golf course hotdog reviews!

One thought on “Recording my Handicap Dilemma

  1. you gotta make it official, dude! Hell, i forked over the 40 bucks and I might only be able to play 10 rounds this year.

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