Majors Pool Rules

OK, I thought I’d throw up the rules we use for our Majors Pool.  It’s a solid golf pool that incorporates all of the four majors plus the TPC.  Basically one tourney per month from April to August.  I don’t like weekly fantasy golf pools, as they’re very cumbersome as you have to set your line up weekly.  Plus, I don’t like fantasy golf where you count $$$ because the golfer who wins the tourny will win it for an entire team.  This way you can’t follow along until teh very end when the winner decided.

So here are our rules:

– entry fee: whatever you want, we choose $20
– Masters (Apr), TPC (May), US Open (Jun), The Open (Jul), PGA Championship (Aug) were the counting tournaments;
– We each select 12 golfers in a snake draft format…drafts are awesome;
– total shot counts (not prize money) and we count players score by its relation to par;
– Best foursome for each tourney counted;
– – If you don’t have 4 golfers who made the cut, the empty spots are given a score of the worst golfer (in our comp) to make the cut;
– if your 4some has the lowest score for a tourney you win your entry fee back and the team with the lowest score in relation to par after the 5 rounds gets teh remaining dough


It’s pretty simple…you basically draft a team of 12 guys (yes guys after the 3rd round you might not know their names) and your lowest 4 golfers count.  If you only have 3 guys or 2 guys make the cut, then those empty spots are given the highest score from the available players left in the tourney on other teams.

It makes for great fun and sometimes even if your guy is out of it, and he throws up a couple birds it can contribute to your team’s score!  At the Masters this year, Bo Van Pelt’s 64 on Sunday took from team from a overal over par score into a 5 under par!!!

Let me know if you have any questions…

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