Final Details for the 2012 Golf Trip in KELOWNA!

Location: Kelowna
Dates: Jun 14-17 (Thurs-Friday) – Yes that’s father’s day weekend, but really, what better way to spend it?
Cost: $615 incl HST per person (contrast this to last year where we paid $515 w. tax for Salmon Arm.)

Day 1: HARVEST GOLF CLUB (1:36pm tee off)
Day 2: TOWER RANCH GOLF COURSE (8:24am tee off & 3:18pm)-Back to back round is optional, but part of the tourney
Day 3: GALLAGHER’S CANYON GOLF CLUB (10:30am tee off)
Day 4: SHANNON LAKE GOLF COURSE (9:30am tee off)

This $615 cost includes:
– Four rounds at these four courses (add an additional $50 for the second round at TOWER RANCH)
– Three nights at the Accent Inns in Kelowna (double occupancy)
– Power carts for each round
– These are great golf courses are apparently all great courses from what I’ve been told

Like last year we’ll also be having a ‘Ryder Cup’ style tournament weekend game. Two teams facing off..etc. If you only want to play with your friends, you can come on the trip, but cannot participate in the match. But we will try to pair guys up with their friends in some cases in the match, but unlike last year we won’t be compromising the match for these pairings.

Finally, unlike in year’s past we will require guys making a $50 deposit to hold their spot. It’s just so guys aren’t bailing last second (it’s happened in the past) and we can get a handle, a real handle, on how many are IN for the trip. The deadline for this deposit is March 1, 2012. The number to call is 1-866-380-4653 and the trip is called FROM THE WHITES.

If you’ve got any questions, just ask!


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